Pit Pony Beauty

Beauty came from an ex-collier who kept horses. She had been used as a brood mare for the two years prior to her coming to the Centre. There is little call for traditional Cob's these days he told us. The feather on her legs and her build make her less desirable to some people. Beauty is about 14hh and 13 years old. She has worked in Wern-tarw and Pantygassed. She apparently came into the pits from a dealer in the Forest of Dean. She first worked in coal mines at Wern-Tarw hauling coal. In 1997 she was sold to Pantygassed Colliery where she worked for a few months. At 14hh she was found to be to big for Pantygassed. The coal seam is only about 3 feet so to make a roadway stone has to be blasted from the roof to give sufficient height to work.

Large ponies can haul more coal but need more height. Beauty was swapped for a smaller pony called Gremlin. Gremlin went to work in Pantygassed as was there until he retired in 1999 when they at last succumbed to the pressure we put on them over working Gremlin who was over 25 years old and struggling to do the work. Beauty came to the Centre in 1999 to retire with Steel, & Blackie. She bonded with Blackie on her first day and we wonder if they had worked together somewhere before.

Beauty is in good health and a nice pony to handle. She is seen here doing some publicity work for the local tourism. Sitting in the dram is Max Boyce. The other travelers are Peter Hands of the Heritage Park Hotel and representatives of the Tourist Board and Rhondda Cynon Taff Council.