Pit Ponies Dobbin and Patch

AlexWNant Fach colliery was approached through a farm above Goderagraig. When we went there first Snowy was the pony there. Four men worked the mine and Snowy hauled the drams of coal to the surface. The owners of the colliery were finding things very difficult and the approaching Open Cast made them think of giving up Snowy was promised to the Centre when they closed. We made regular visits to see Snowy and I would take a packet of biscuits and have a chat with the colliers and share the biscuits with the and save a couple for Snowy. On one visit I found the mine closed and Snowy not there. I telephoned the owner to be told the mine was sold and Snowy had been given away.

The new owners of the colliery bought Dobbin, Patch and Prince. Snowy's old stable was not big enough for the three ponies and they were left out on the mountain. We spoke to the owners on two occasions about the lack of stables and on the third visit I was threatened and told never to return. Our visits continued but now clandestine. I managed to persuade a reporter from the Sunday People to come to see the conditioned the ponies lived and worked in.